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How are CEOs seen by their employees?

by Michael Stern

Probably not the way they think they are!

Recently, conducted a three-dimensional look at today's CEO. They surveyed  1500 CEOs, executives and employees. The results may surprise you. 

A 360 Degree View of the CEO  found that, while CEOs and those they lead tout similar ideas about leadership, there were many instances where they got their signals crossed.  The disconnect areas included communication, engagement, compensation, and setting priorities -- key focus areas for any organization.

Think these findings don't apply to you because you're not a CEO?  Think again!  Anyone managing people should take heed. Whether you are running a company, a business unit, a department or a function,  there will be areas where you and your direct reports are not in sync.

In our executive coaching practice, I see many instances where difficulties arise when senior leaders misjudge the motivations and priorities of their  direct reports.  And vice versa.  But once the problem is recognized and managed, it is not difficult to get things back on track

I think you will find the piece stimulating and interesting. You may access it from the links above, or from here (pdf).

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